Alpha Readers Power
Alpha Readers Power
Alejandra Leibovich

I'm creating a space for Alpha Readers to give feedback & make books better.

Make your mark in literature without writing a book! I want YOUR feedback on my chapters.

About Me

I'm Alejandra Leibovich, an author-illustrator. When I'm writing, and writing, and drawing, and then writing some more, it's hard to tell whether my work is working.

In my head, it's great. But outside my head, it might not be as great.

And this is where YOU, an Alpha Reader, come into the literature picture with the power to make the book better for everybody.

Why You Should Join Alpha Reader Power

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the toilet and can't stop thinking about a book you are reading? But, if you had the chance to give feedback to the author, you would have made the book so much better.

This is YOUR chance to make that dream a reality! This is YOUR opportunity to make a mark in literature without actually writing the book.

Your opinion is WANTED! Your feedback will be HEARD!

And I might actually use your feedback… for real.
Or maybe not… but that's another story.

Giving me feedback  is your chance to make YOUR MARK in literature today!

-> What will you read?
Works in progress. First drafts and pieces that only YOUR eyes will get to see.

But there is more! All chapters were written and drawn by me! A real author-illustrator, not a bot.

Who Do I Want

-> Fantasy, sci-fi, and graphic novel lovers that want to give their feedback.
-> Readers that like to make books better.
-> Grammar sticklers that can't help themselves but to edit.
-> Readers that enjoy being the first to read a new author.
-> Readers that want to be ALPHA READERS.


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